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We all know working out on the road is a bit more difficult than it is at home. You don’t have the same equipment or easy access to the gym plus it’s effortless to lay our butts in the sun drinking a pretty little drink complete with an umbrella. Who would want to leave that perfect piece of paradise? But working out becomes a necessity if you are like me and enjoy buying out night market vendors of their most popular items (and not so popular items) to get a “taste” of the culinary culture while still rocking thong bikinis to the beach.

Below is one of my go-to morning workouts while traveling:

Start with a 1-2 mile beach run

Complete this set 3 times through!

  • 1 minute bodyweight squats
  • 25 meter sand sprint
  • 20 plyo lunges
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 1 minute plank

Boom! After you complete this you’ll feel much better about ordering multiple entrees off the restaurant menu! Trust me, I know first hand!